Dallas  Pool Filter Cleaning in Dallas  TX

Filter Cleaning in Dallas  should be done 3 or 4 times a year depending on your pools environment.

Pool Filter Cleaning is extremely important in Dallas  

Our Dallas  pool filter cleaning department works with all brands of Filters: DE, Cartridge, and Sand. Get ready for the summer fun. To keep your pool sparkling clean, your filter is the most important component of your pool. We do filter cleans, filter grid replacements, and total filter unit replacements.

DE Pool Filter Cleaning for Dallas  TX

DE Pool Filters are the most efficient type of pool filter available to pool owners.  However, this filter can be more difficult to clean.  This filter can trap particles down to 3 - 5 microns; well below what the naked eye can see, which is around 35 microns. The DE filter uses a pressure guage to indicate the need for backwashing (when it reads 8 - 10 lbs. higher than the clean, or start-up pressure). After backwashing a D.E. filter, the dirty filter powder is discharged, and a new application of D.E. filter powder is added to the filter, by pouring it into the skimmer.

Cartridge Pool Filter Cleaning for Dallas  TX

Cartridge Pool Filters are not as efficient  as the DE Filter.  Yet they are significantly easier to clean.

Choosing a cartridge filter for your swimming pool cuts regular pool maintenance down significantly by providing incredibly simple operation. Originally cartridge filters were the preferred filtration system for smaller pools and spas, but they’re becoming increasingly popular for pools of all shapes and sizes because they’ve been redesigned to also accommodate larger pools.

IMPORTANT :  The filter system is under extremely high pressure and should not be opened without proper training and instruction.


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