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Have You Considered Getting a Pool Heater for your Dallas  pool?

They are available at Texan Blue Pool Service and give you the option to swim in comfort, all year long, at an affordable cost. A heater is fantastic to own, particularly with colder days.

A swimming pool heater can adjust the temperature of the water to almost any level that you are happy with. The suggested temperature for pool water is 78 degrees, even though the majority of people prefer to have their water just a bit warmer, approximately 80 degrees.

When summer ends and weather begins to cool off, a pool heater can make swimming last longer.  With our Texas weather, the swimming season can be trippled.

Types of Pool Heaters in Dallas  TX

The most common heater type is the gas fired heaters running off LP gas. These heaters are the least expensive to buy, and the cheapest to run over time.

There is the solar pool heater. It uses the sun to heat your pool water. This method has several disadvantages when you compare it to other types of heaters. First, they cost nearly half the amount of your swimming pool!

Next, you must have large electric pump, which can cost you lots of money. The pump delivers the water from your pool to the solar panels, which will in turn heat up the water.


In conclusion, when it comes to swimming pool heaters, gas fired heaters are the best, and most cost efficient ways to heat your pool.  They are cheap and very user friendly.


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